Ear Splint Studies

Ear Splint Studies – Why its the most effective prevention for Cauliflower Ear


Original Article – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1317260/



British Medical Journal

Case presentation: a novel way of treating acute cauliflower ear in a professional rugby player

DJ M Macdonald, N Calder, G Perrett, R G McGuiness
Accepted 7 December 2004
Published online 23 May 2005

“Acute auricular hematoma is a relatively common injury on the rugby field and frequently goes untreated. Simple aspiration is often an inadequate method of managing this problem due to the high rate of re-accumulation. However, we have demonstrated that it can be managed conservatively by aspiration and the application of silicone molds to splint the pinna, especially if the hematoma affects the conchal bowl. In our case, this treatment allowed the athlete to continue playing and gave a satisfactory cosmetic and functional result. A design modification would be to provide a canal through the mold in order to facilitate hearing.”

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