FAQ/How it Works

Follow the instructions below and watch this video to make sure your kit is made to perfection so you never have to worry about cauliflower ear

No, EarSplintz are meant to be worn after training when you experience ear pain. This compresses the cartilage preventing fluid build up and allows it to heal back together.
Yes, use them as often as you feel necessary. Once the mold sets they will hold for life and can be reused and taken with you wherever you go!
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." EarSplintz are most beneficial if the ears are molded before the damage to the ear occurs to completely ensure cauliflower ear prevention. They are very necessary after draining as well. Directly after draining you can then mold your ear to make sure it doesn't fill back up. (Please note, for cauliflower ear treatment we do not recommend draining yourself as it can lead to infection and create scar tissue. Please contact a medical professional before draining but have Earsplintz on hand to mold after your doctor drains. Additional pressure may be needed if used after draining so we suggest you purchase the Soft Foam Underwrap, and have your doctor apply with your EarSplintz molds)
Typically you wear them till soreness subsides (from 30 minutes to overnight). All cases may differ, however. For mild relief from sore ears wear them out of the freezer for 15-20 mins to reduce inflammation. If your ears have been recently drained then you will most likely need to wear them for 2+ days straight to ensure the ear has healed completely and won't refill.
Cauliflower ear is very uncomfortable and painful but since these are molded to your ears they are the least painful option for compression (they may be painful after draining but for regular use they are pain-free). Unlike magnets or other clamps that simply press down at varying strengths that do not match the shape of the ear, EarSplintz are custom to your ear and fit like a glove. They are firm enough to prevent fluid build up but not enough to cause pain. They are more than comfortable enough to sleep with.
Yes, We are based in the US (our products are American made) and we ship internationally. As long as the online store processes we will ship it, although we can't make any guarantees on your local customs agency. We've successfully shipped to: Brazil, Austrailia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Greece, Peru, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, etc...

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