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What is Cauliflower Ear?

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  • What happens – The front and back cartilage  of the ear separate and fill with blood which eventually hardens.

  • How cauliflower ear strikes - Rough contact with the ear. This damage can happen in an instant in fight sports. For example escaping a submission, one hard takedown, or a single punch.

  • Why is this important? – Unlike a normal bruise where the clotted blood has somewhere to go, the blood in the ear has no escape, so it hardens exactly where it is and then becomes a permanent deformity. 

  • Long-term consequences – The consequences of fully formed cauliflower ear range from simply having deformed ears to problems such as:  
    • Trouble using headphones
    • Troublesome in professional settings
    • Loss of hearing
    • The outer edge of the ear can even fold over and die!

The one common consequence for all who experience cauliflower ear is pain. pain when you train, pain when you don’t, pain that can keep you awake all night!

How to Prevent and Treat Cauliflower Ear

cauliflower ear prevention treatment drain magnets wrestling bjj jiu jitsu ear guards earsplintz

 “The molded impression can be easily removed…and readily and accurately reapplied by the patient, resulting in a high degree of compliance with the treatment program. In many cases, with care, the splint has been used safely by athletes who return to athletics within a few days.”

                                                                                        - The Journal for Athletic Training

Consumers now can purchase the same products doctors use for cauliflower ear prevention & treatment. 

EarSplintz allow you to make a mold of your ears before you get cauliflower ear or right after having them drained.

You now have a perfect mold of your natural ears! If your ears hurt after training or have recently been drained, you can wear your EarSplintz to provide light even pressure that is perfectly contoured for your ears to prevent fluid accumulation.

It's simple, if your ears can't fill with fluid, you never get cauliflower ear!

This process has been backed up by multiple studies on cauliflower ear treatment such as those conducted by The British Journal of Sports Medicine and The Journal for Athletic Training 

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" -Benjamin Franklin

Protect your ears now!

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