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Consumers now can purchase the same products doctors use for cauliflower ear prevention & treatment without a trip to the ER. EarSplintz allows you to make a mold of your ears before you get cauliflower ear. If your ears hurt after training or competing you can wear your EarSplintz to provide light even pressure that is perfectly contoured for your ears to prevent fluid accumulation.


"I think it's a phenomenal product for the general public to be able to use... It comes with very detailed directions, very easy to follow directions. Being able to apply that in the youth setting really allows the athletes to keep the shape of their ear better. Especially if they're not interested in wearing headgear." - Corey James


Complete cauliflower ear prevention you wear exclusively off of the mat


Since its custom made for your ear shape and size, it ensures perfectly even pressure. This will help reduce pain


Its molded and ready in under 5 minutes per ear


Once molded the kit can be used unlimited times, travels easy, and can even be put in the freezer to make a cold compress for after a hard training session


"Was effective in keeping my ear compressed without pain. Would recommend to anyone."

"Perfect. Moulds well. Perfect fit. Very Comfortable. Works! Don't hesitate to buy, I wish I didn't."

"I have used gauze, magnets, clips, but this is the only solution I've found that allows me to sleep."

Here’s How it Works:


  • 1 Right Support Assembly
  • 1 Left Support Assembly
  • 1 Canister of Impression Material Base
  • 1 Canister of Impression Material Catalyst
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Head Wrap for securing splits

Our Ear Stabilization Kit now has 20% more impression material, so each kit will make 2 molds of each ear.

$139.99 $119.89

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Cauliflower ear (or an auricular hematoma) is when the front and back cartilage of the ear separate and fill with blood which eventually hardens.

How cauliflower ear strikes – Rough contact with the ear. This damage can happen in an instant in fight sports. For example, one hard takedown, escaping a submission, or a single punch.

Why is this important? – Unlike a normal bruise where the clotted blood has somewhere to go, the blood in the ear has no escape, so it hardens exactly where it is and then becomes a permanent deformity.

Long-term consequences – The consequences of fully formed cauliflower ear range from simply having deformed ears to problems such as: Trouble using headphones Prejudice in professional settings Loss of hearing The outer edge of the ear can even fold over and die!

The one common consequence for all who experience cauliflower ear is pain. It hurts when you train, it hurts when you’re done, it hurts enough to keep you awake all night!

The effectiveness of the medical use of ear splints has been studied for nearly two decades. It was first published in the Journal of Athletic Training. Here’s the intro the 1992 article titled “A Simple Splint for Wrestler’s Ear

“Wrestler’s ear, an acute hematoma of the external ear is commonly associated with wrestlers and other athletes who engage in contact sports. It may occur even when the protective ear guards are being used. The syndrome is frequently difficult to treat adequately because of patient noncompliance. The necessary post aspiration compression dressing is time-consuming to apply, often impossible to replace accurately and frequently is an embarrassment to the patient. Commonly, its use is discontinued early; therefore, reoccurrence of the hematoma results.

We, and others have experimented with various techniques for making a compression splint for the ear. The molded impression can be easily removed for bathing and readily and accurately reapplied by the patient, resulting in a high degree of compliance with the treatment program. In many cases, with care, the splint has been used safely by athlete to return to athletics within a few days.

Beginning in March 1987, we treated consecutive series of 23 patients without complication, with an average return to full activity of 3 days. There was only one recurrence and it responded successfully to repeat treatment.

Keating TM, Mason J. A Simple Splint for Wrestler’s Ear. J Athl Train. 1992;27(3):273–274.

We built upon the research of multiple studies to make everything formatted specifically to be for the ear. We designed a kit to hold the mold in place and create its own pressure as it clasps together. That way the athlete doesn’t need to wrap their entire head in gauze.

Having everything ready in one cauliflower ear kit allows anyone without any medical background to make a simple mold of the athlete’s ear, preferably before the ear is damaged. With the mold made, the athlete simply needs to wear the kit for a few hours after training when the ear is sore to prevent it from ever taking on fluid. (Never wear while training or competing.)

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

As cited in the original study and future studies. EarSplintz will work to help a damaged ear heal even if it has already filled and subsequently had the cauliflower ear drained. (We do not recommend self draining cauliflower ear at home, please consult a medical professional before making medical decisions.) That being said, once the ear has filled, recovery is more painful and time-consuming (days vs hours) than preventing it in the first place.

There are many ways to create pressure for the ear, clothespins, tightly wrapping the head, clamps, and magnets. However, none of these options take into account the original shape of the ear or protect the whole ear at once. (So the fluid doesn’t simply flow around the magnet and fill another part of the ear). They also don’t have a way of regulating the specific pressure needed for your individual ear.

You mold it SPECIFICALLY to your ear in 360-degrees. Both front and back. Now the original shape is maintained and the pressure is customized to be firm enough to prevent the ear from filling and soft enough to be the least painful option available.

EarSplintz is also the only option that creates compression inside the ear canal preventing the worst case scenario, loss of hearing from cauliflower ear.

Last but not least. One of my favorite things is putting the EarSplintz molds in the freezer to wear as a cold compress! We have more than enough material for you to mold both ears twice (4 ears worth). This means you can make one mold for the gym bag and a second mold to keep in the freezer.

This is about the most soothing thing when your ears are burning after a hard night of grappling.

EarSplintz is perfect for all athletes participation is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), wrestling, grappling, boxing/striking, rugby, MMA or anyone who wants to stop cauliflower ear at home.


We make it easy for you to make your molds in minutes with detailed instructions and videos showing you exactly how it's done. We even include enough mold material so that if you mess up, there’s enough extra material to make a second mold. We know that when you use EarSplintz as directed, mold your ears before they’re damaged, and use them when needed, you will greatly reduce the chance of cauliflower ear.