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EarSplintz TM - Cauliflower Ear Management

EarSplintzTM -Ear Stabilization Kit is the first ever product available to participants in combative sports that will help assist in the treatment of Cauliflower Ear! In addition to treating cauliflower ear, this product can also help in the management of existing cauliflower ear.

Needles are dangerous and can create infections that result in the ugliest cauliflower ear cases. EarSplintz is the safest way available to treat and manage cauliflower ear effectively. 

This Patent Pending support assembly is the first ever product of its kind!
Now you can create support packs of your natural ears before you get injured and apply when you suspect fluid accumulation may be eminent.

EarSplintz is a complete cauliflower ear management kit that will give you the tools to create support packs for both ears.  

Any Doctor will tell you the only way to stop Cauliflower Ear is to "Apply Pressure".

Cauliflower Ear is painful and inhibits you from training at the level necessary to be a champion. EarSplintz TM can dramatically lessen the time your ears take to recover from the abuse taken in sport. It's time to change the way athletes deal with Cauliflower Ear.

                  EARSPLINTZ TM Ear Stabilization Kit - CAULIFLOWER EAR MANAGEMENT

                                                                             Finally a Solution!


EarSplintz TM-Ear Stabilization Kit

(Includes Headband)
Ear Stabilization Kit W/Headband

ES-Kit Includes

1-RIGHT Patented EarSplintz TM support assembly.

1-LEFT Patented EarSplintz TM support assembly.

1-Canister of impression material BASE

1-Canister of impression material Catalyst

*Enough impression material for 4 ears*

ES-Extra wide head restraint.

2- Measuring spoons

Instructions and wristband


Universal Fit


Impression Molding


Patent Pending

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EarSplintzTM is a product intended for use as a "proactive measure" for Cauliflower Ear.  EarSplintz should only be worn prior to fluid accumulation.  If users notice any signs of bleeding and or excessive swelling do to fluid accumulation seek a physician.  EarSplintzTM and EarSplintz LLC. do not promote self aspiration (draining of ear) and user's choosing to do so, do so at their own risk.  Self aspiration is dangerous and can lead to infection! Use caution when sleeping with EarSplintz. Depending on sleep habits, additional restraints/bandages may be necessary. Always wash EarSplintz TM between uses and disinfect prior to application.  Do not wear EarSplintz with headgear or while training/competing.