• Ear Stabilization Kit w/Headband


    Consumers now can purchase the same products doctors use to treat ear injuries. Our cauliflower ear compression splint kit is a great tool used by athletes to protect their ears from fluid accumulation.

    This product allows you to make a mold of your ears before you get cauliflower ear or right after draining. You now have a perfect mold of your natural ears! If your ears hurt after training or have recently been drained, you can wear your EarSplintz to provide light even pressure that is perfectly contoured for your ears to prevent fluid accumulation.

    Our Ear Stabilization Kit now has 20% more impression material, so each kit will make 2 molds of each ear. 

        1 Right support Assembly
        1 Left Support Assembly
        1 Canister of Impression Material Base
        1 Canister of Impression Material Catalyst
        Measuring Spoons
        Head Wrap for securing splits

    Perfect for all athletes participation is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), wrestling, grappling, boxing / striking, rugby, MMA or anyone who wants to protect themselves from cauliflower ear at home. 

    We do not recommend self-draining, please consult a medical professional before making medical decisions.