Easy Sleep – No Pain – Cauliflower Ear Pillow by EarSplintz


Soft foam pillow with an ear hole for pain free sleeping and cauliflower ear recovery

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This simple addition is a must for any side sleepers who may need to use their EarSplintz kit overnight. This pillow makes sleeping while preventing cauliflower ear a breeze.


It’s even great for athletes who already have cauliflower ear and have trouble falling or staying asleep due to ear pain.


Badge of honor or not, that’s up to each individual athlete to decide. What’s not up for debate is that cauliflower ear is one of the most painful things to come from the sports of wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA or Rugby! Once an ear fills up that pain is only one punch, one guillotine choke, one headlock away from meaning another night of staring at the ceiling not being able to slip because if you turn to your side the pain wakes your right up.

Luckily you have your trusty EarSplintz kit that’s been sitting in the freezer so you can wear that as a cold compress to soothe your ears and this pillow lets you keep your normal sleep position since the kit fits perfectly into the hole and won’t create any unneeded extra pressure.


If we’re too late to help you prevent to manage your cauliflower ear this pillow will at least give you a respite from any contact as you sleep.


Using a pillowcase is recommended and not included. The logo may come in White, Black, or Blue ink.


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